UT Community and Regional Planning Student Forum


Jan 27 - M a r k T i r p a k
ROAD WARRIORS: Travel-based Community-Youth Development
with the Northern Cheyenne of Montana

Feb 17 - C a r o l y n C a m p b e l l & J a c o b S c h w a r t z
Arcosanti & the Future of our Cities


Feb 24 - J. R o s i e T i g h e
Blood from a Stone: Student Research & Navigating the Public Sector

Mar 3 - K a t e B u s h m a n
Local Capacity Building in the Iraq Reconstruction
Mar 24 - A n d y K a r v o n e n
Urban Metabolism: The Importance of Water Flows to the Modern City
Mar 31- A l e x i s C o o p e r
Planning in Temporary Human Settlements: A Case Study on Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) Camps in Northern Uganda
April 21 - E x i t I n t e r v i e w - C l a s s o f M a y 2 0 0 6
Informal Focus Group Session / survey with Graduating CRP Students


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